Disfasia could be described as an alteration of the talking ability or the lenguage. As well as it is in this website, it is a brain disorder.

You could recognise this disorder seeing or living symptoms like hyperactivity or emotional lability.But it is difficult recognise, be imparcial and you see a person who "doesn´t respond your requests, doesn't talk fluently.


There is not explication of how the disfasia appear or how had it formed, we only know the symphtomas and how to combat or practice and keep on the life with this disorder.


A person who suffer disfasia has got a very short-term memory, this makes the person repeating the same mistakes (linguistic mistakes) over and over again, altought the mistake has been corrected in other moment.

The person has got problems at the moment of learning to write and read, they have to connect both brain sections so it is difficult to link the word with his own pronunciation


The behaviour is similar from a deficient mental kid, or a tone deaf, because when someone talk to the person, the person who suffer the disorder doesn't understand the words pronunciated or maybe a secuence of orders determinated. It is usually when the kid was born, was born with brain sections changed.

Those are conection problems between the brains sections (talk section union the capacity of pronounce words and evocation words).


Afortunatly, Disfasia is a disorder which can be solved. Nothing in this life is easy, so the person who suffer this, has got to go to an espcial centre, called Speech Logopeda) in there, the people go to practice linguistic excercise that helps to conect both brain section and permits the possibility that the people can think about a word and can speak it loud, or simply practice the memory



The disfasia disorder affect the blue section identified
The disfasia disorder affect the blue section identified